It Finally Happened!

I have at last become so bored with my life that I started a blog which no one will ever read or care about. Most likely I will stop after 5 posts of exposing the world to my inanity and move onto something more challenging like cooking pasta or opening doors for people.

I’ve heard it said that a great writer can make even the most everyday occurrence seem worse than Christmas or better than Hitler. I would not even dare to call myself a competent writer and now that I think about it the above quote is as ridiculous as it is false. It’s not as if anything I say hasn’t been said before a million times by smarter people then myself and really this is the internet and nobody gives a fuck about what you say so why bother even typing. As all three of you have noticed by now I have a problem with non-sequiturs(Why the hell doesn’t shitty Firefox spellcheck recognise that word? In fact it doesn’t even recognise “recognise”! I could probably just change the dictionary settings to English spelling but it’s really not worth my time since I don’t trust spellcheck anyway and only use it to check for typographical errors(Also known as typos by most non-retards. Get this, the dictionary recognised(fuck!) typo as a real word. I hate my life almost as much as I love nested brackets(even though I don’t know how to use them properly, I just think they look cool).).).

Now that I’ve completely lost my train of thought I will end this introductory wankery. There are only so many descriptions of a morning cheeseburger that one human can take. Welcome to six years ago.

Stay safe.

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