Since I’m boring I might as well have a word about the weather

Right now in Toronto the temperature is -17°C. Yesterday it only went down to about -15°C. This pretty much makes everyone who went outside today for any reason severely retarded. Let it also be said that I include myself among the short-bus crowd.

I have sympathy for all of those who have to work outside today. People doing construction, bus and streetcar drivers, police officers and even postal workers. Anyone who provides an essential service in order to keep the city running. The rest of you need to get the fuck over yourselves. Your job is not important enough to be out on a day like this.

In fact most jobs aren’t that important at all. I’m sure that if my job were phased out there wouldn’t be any great repercussions for either the company or the people who work under me. Maybe a few would have to work a bit more but that’s about it. It feels great to be needed.

The one thing I’ve learned about working in an office is that people who work in a office spend a lot of time fucking around and not getting anything accomplished. Of course these are the same people who complain about the amount of work they have to do and how they had to stay late last Thursday and Friday just to finish up and therefore were unable to spend any with their bratty kids who as a result of their neglect will most likely end up in shitty office jobs like their parents. I need a cigarette.

Stay the fuck home.

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