More Uninteresting Things About the Weather

Fucking mud.

We have a little bit of snow in this city and the second it melts the place looks like a dump. People figure, “why use a garbage can when I can just throw my junk in the snow?” Mostly they’re right in believing that since if nobody sees you then it’s not really wrong.

Of course along with the garbage collecting in the gutter there’s also the mud. I looked forward to a refreshing walk to work today only to be greeted by piles of mud where the pavement usually is. The mud is without a doubt the result of snow being pushed onto the sidewalk by the city and then taking all that dirt that was in the street and concentrating it after the snow has melted. I find myself praying for a tropical storm right about now just to sweep up some of the dirt.

Winter Tip: Avoid wearing shoes with even a trace of white on them.

If not for the weather Canadians would really have nothing to say.

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