I came across this while wasting my weekend browsing MetaFilter. As many others before me have noted it sounds almost like bagpipes.

I really need to stop watching people create interesting instruments and start doing it myself. I have been told before that I lack focus in most of the challenges I attempt and in doing so give up on them prematurely. Of course for me to even attempt something like this usually means I’ve been thinking about it constantly for about a month. I have at least a dozen moments of grand inspiration daily, the only problem is that I lack the will to make something of it.

Here’s something more up my alley from the same guy:

Looks like a much easier instrument to make. I’ve never been very comfortable playing on a keyboard anyway. I just find it amazing that all those years I spent as a child playing with rubber bands could one day turn me into an internet celebrity. Of course now that idea has already been capitalised on so I’ll have to think of something else. However as I said above inspiration isn’t my problem.

I wonder if anyone will pay to watch me eat lemons?

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