Sick Day

As I’ve said before my job is unnecessary. One of the few advantages this gives me over those who work under me is that I am able to call in sick with a minimum amount of fuss. With anyone else I work with the call must be made as soon as possible since it means that that shift will need to be filled or else there’s a big gap in the schedule and BAD THINGS HAPPEN! For once it feels good to be meaningless.

Yesterday morning it was obvious to me that I was in no condition to go to work. I will spare everyone the details of my malady but let’s just say that I didn’t call in sick just to have a day off. A day off is much different than a sick day though. Spending the whole day sleeping is usually not my goal when there are much better ways of wasting my time.

The one thing I noticed(not that it’s anything new really) is that the day goes by much faster while I’m doing nothing at home than when I’m doing nothing at work. Most likely neuroscientists and other kinds of smart people have a decent explanation for this phenomenon but my shallow searching has retrieved very little from the interweb. It even goes back to that old wives’ tale(all of which are true),”Time fly’s when you’re shitting out your colon”.

I’ll end on that.

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