You’re not fooling anyone

April fools has become so lame and predictable on the internet. Every fucking year people try to be funny with bogus stories, most of which lack any subtlety or even humour. A perfect example of this is on the “funny for 5 minutes” blog Stuff White People Like.

The Target Corporation (TGT) has purchased the popular blog “Stuff White People Like” (

Starting April 1st, 2008 the nation’s second largest retailer will use the site as a promotional tool.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity,” says Ennis Blentic, Senior VP of Marketing at Target. “It’s a great chance for us to connect with some of our most valued customers and let them know about our great product line for 2008 and beyond.”

The company plans to have the regular writers do one post per week with the rest of the week devoted to posts that inform and educate customers about Target products.

The first campaign to be featured on the site will be for Target’s new line of Fresh Organic foods called “Tanner Farm”.

I got bored after that.

Anyone who is familiar with the blog knows how much they talk about Target and organic foods and other such “white people things”. In fact by doing this April fools post the author is showing how far up his own ass he is. The whole idea of a humour site is to make people laugh so an April Fools post is simply jerking off a little more than usual. A news site is able to get away with it since you’re guaranteed to have a whole lot of news stories that are actually true along with one or two fakes thrown in(which are usually better written than some idiot’s blog).

I hate to jump on the whole anti-SWPL bandwagon. I actually find a lot of the posts entertaining and bang on. The fact that a billion copycat blogs have been started in the last couple of months is a great measure of it’s success. It was just today’s post that really rubbed me in a way I was not comfortable with. I guess the blog has run it’s course at this point, there aren’t many ideas left. I’ve been wrong before though.

On the awesome side on April Fools, youtube did it right this year. Some of the comments make my writing look like fucking Danielle Steele. I’m amazed some of these people can get dressed in the morning.

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