Meet the new job, same as the old but with less running around

So I am no longer the boss. In fact I’m at the bottom of my current department. I get the jobs no one else wants to do and then I wait until someone gives me something else. It’s a wonderful feeling. The only person I’m responsible for is myself. On top of it all I still get to tell the guys in the last department I was in what to do!

And yet I know that I will soon grow to hate it. It may seem as if I’m unappreciative of the generous heaping of good luck that I have experienced in my working life. Every job I’ve wanted has just fallen into my lap even though I’ve been unqualified in almost every respect. In fact I’m never been hired for a job where I didn’t know someone on the inside first. But I still refuse to be satisfied with the lot I’ve been assigned.

I’m still with the same company and that alone is enough for me to be upset about. Someone of greater character than my own would have stormed out by now and switched careers. My problems with the company however are not really specific to this job. No matter what I know that I will never really fit into any company which is not run by myself . Whine whine whine bitch bitch rant rave.

I’m glad I’m a fast learner or else I’d be screwed here. After two and a half years I knew my last position inside and out and now I know almost nothing. I have found no better way to learn than to just throw myself into a situation and try to keep up without falling flat on my perfectly shaped nose. It makes the day go by much faster.

I really can’t understand why someone would want to stay at the same job for 20 years. I guess they’re just not as smart as me. This post sucks.

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