I have to leave in 15 minutes

Yes the internet is boring me so much today that I feel the need to actually write something for myself just to keep myself from becoming the inspiration for a new horror genre. Not really much work to do and I can’t really get started on anything now so this is all I got. 

Let’s see what I can do with my time.

So what’s the deal with white noise? I have probably one of the noisiest desks in this whole office. All day I can hear wind currents going through the building. Thankfully due to the awesome power of the human brain most of the time I filter it out. Until of course someone has to come by and mention it to me which allows me to hear it and nothing else for the next 20 minutes. In case you were wondering I can hear it right now since I decided to stupidly write about it so if my thoughts seem unclear just chalk it up to the noise and not my own stupidity.

In fact just read everything I write with that kind of mindset from now on.

This bottle of purell is nearing the end and won’t pump properly. There still a large amount left that could be used but I don’t know how much I can get out of it. Might try to do that thing that restaurants do with the ketchup and pour it into another bottle but that would feel like cheating. I shouldn’t be using it that much anyway but I take public transit and can’t help but feel really dirty all the time.

That last paragraph made me try to pump some out since I was thinking about dirty door handles. Got mostly air so I’m feeling kinda cheated. Don’t really have any time to fix the problem though so I’ll just carry on.

My right arm is feeling numb. Could be the position my arms are in when typing on a laptop. Also I have bad circulation so it could just be that. I can barely cross my legs for 5 minutes without one of them falling asleep. Luckily as a heterosexual male I don’t cross my legs that often so this has not been much of a problem in my life.

Leaving in two minutes. Fuck  I type slow. You’d figure after spending 12 hours a day in front of a computer I’d have figured this shit out by now. Oh well no matter, I’m out.

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