Ann Coulter is Smarter than Most of the People that Hate Her

So I’ve decided to take a stab at becoming all topical and shit and write something that’s totally happening right now and not just inside my head. It seems as though my entire country has gone completely off it’s rocker in the last couple of days all because one cartoonish super villain bent on humiliating the left wing decided to go a a speaking tour of three Canadian universities.

She's totally hiding something in those mom jeans.

She’s totally hiding something in those mom jeans.

In case you actually have a life and don’t follow this kind of nonsense the story goes as such. Coulter(a hitleresque conservative) is going on a speaking tour of three Canadian(a socialist paradise) universities(marxist recruitment institutions). She already spoke at two universities and there were the usual student protests since students really don’t have that much to do and protests are a good way to meet chicks who think they’re smart and will blow you if you’re wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt. All of this is perfectly normal in Coulter’s so only the Canadian media really gives a shit since I guess this is the first time Canada has allowed anything controversial to cross it’s borders since “Step by Step”.*

The story took a turn for the ultra-fucking-lame when University of Ottawa sent some bullshit letter to her telling her to keep her trap shut or we’ll fucking sue you. In true Canadian form we have made ourselves look ridiculous to the rest of the world by acting like a bunch of over-protective parents and not letting our citizens have their own opinions or even be exposed to other people’s opinions. So of course our dear Ann rolled with it and said that the letter was unfair and that she was going to file a human rights complaint. The Ottawa speech ended up being cancelled due to a retarded amount of butthurt protesters threatening violence and acting like a bunch of college students.

Let’s hear it for free speech Canada!

However I don’t want to get too political here since that’s really not the point of me writing this post. The real point is that you’re all super-uber fucking retarded if you believe for a second that Ann Coulter is anything but an attention starved IRL troll.

When someone makes a comment on youtube along the lines of “ALL N**GERZ SHUD EB KILLLD LOLONE!!” is your first response to yell at them? Do you try to have a rational discussion with them in order that perhaps they will see the light and realize how many important roles black people play in every industry that make our lives richer? Do you tell them that it’s unfair to think of people based on broad generalizations and that race in fact doesn’t even exist? Of course not you ignore them and move on, or conversely watch the other sub-humans argue with each other while you sit back laughing and jerking off furiously at all the chaos.

Trolls like Coulter NEED to be taken seriously in order for their schtick to work. The people who actually enjoy her and agree with her opinions are like wrestling fans who even though they’ve been told that it’s fake still have some belief in the magic of two scantily clad muscle men pinning each other to the ground in a fight against the terrorists or something. In fact there is probably a lot of overlap between the two groups.

Those who think she’s looking to restore the third reich(fourth reich?) are dumber than anyone previously mentioned. These are the kind of people who think that Sacha Baron Cohen is a racist for talking about jews in “Borat”. SHE’S TRYING TO BE FUNNY AND RILE YOU UP! Seems to be working for her too. Personally I find her “jokes” pretty amateurish and derivative but I have to give her credit for the character she’s created for herself.

Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck and Coulter are ENTERTAINERS. Their main concern is with getting an audience and making shitloads of money off of dumb people. Of course some of the really dumb ones take them a bit too seriously and end up yelling racial slurs at senators and causing other trouble but I have a feeling that these are the minority. These people will not listen to reason so why bother arguing with them? Even if it isn’t an act giving all of this attention to a handful of right-wing puppets does more for their cause than just ignoring them.

Let the trolls be trolls and just stop feeding them. You’re all looking like a bunch of party poopers.

I’m done with topical posts. This kind of writing really brings me down. Next time I’ll just talk about motor oil for a few hours and hit submit.

* On a hotter note I happened upon Christine Lakin’s twitter yesterday. She was the girl who played Al on Step by Step and was kind of a cute tomboy on the show. Boy has she grown up! I will probably start trying to contact her obsessively over the next few weeks to see if she can introduce me to Patrick Duffy.

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