I Just Wrote a Whole Entry and Lost It

It was really good too. I wouldn’t dare attempt to re-create it so I’ll just give you the main points:

  • it contained semicolons
  • there were five Kristen Bell references
  • it included a very nasty limerick about Glenn Beck
  • the first letter of every line gave the secret of KFC away
  • the middle 500 words were in Spanish and went into detail regarding the return of the gold standard
  • it ended mid-word
  • there were seven porn links sprinkled throughout the post which were hidden well
  • the entire post formed the shape of a giraffe giving birth to an albino sloth

It was truly my best work to date. Shame I didn’t save it but my motto has always been that saving is for pussies and I’d rather lose months worth of work than lose my self-respect by being all paranoid and saving shit.


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