The Window Squirrel

The house I rent right now is kinda falling apart. I can’t step on my back deck without boards coming loose, whenever it rains I get a bucketload of water leaking into my pantry and I have some major cracks in the foundation which cause water to flow freely into the basement. Among all these issues there is one which I never minded so much, the existence of the window squirrel.

I’ve always had an affinity for squirrels. They’re relatively harmless creatures especially when compared with other urban pests like raccoons and mice. They have soft bushy tails and really are just a joy to watch. Put me in a room with a squirrel and I’ll be entertained to the point of starvation. 

Because of my love of these fine furry creatures I’ve neglected to mention the squirrels nest that has existed in my bedroom window since I’ve moved in. The window itself is one of those two part windows except the top part is missing. My bushy tailed friend decided to take up residence in the space between windows and while it has been upsetting to my dog I’ve rather enjoyed the company. 

You may be blurry but I loved you all the same.

You may be blurry but I loved you all the same.

The squirrel in question is fairly identifiable. She/He(sorry I have trouble gendering squirrels correctly so I’ll just randomly switch gender pronouns because I’m so evolved) is a black squirrel with multiple bare patches on her back. I watch him occasionally running through the backyard or around my street being all squirrel like and awesome. Each time I see her I wonder whether or not she knows that on most nights I’m sleeping a few feet away from him or that I know all her secrets.

I’ve known for months that I should probably just put in a work order to my landlord and get the window fixed thereby eliminating the nest in my window but I can never bring myself to it. I just feel guilty taking away someone’s home for no good reason other than eliminating the occasional scratching that comes with having a small rodent living in your window.

Yesterday the universe decided to take that decision away from me. As I was walking the dog I found my patchy little friend dead in the street. I keep wondering what could have killed him and also if she felt that her life had meaning. Did he know what kind of effect she had on my life or was her mind too filled up with whatever squirrels think about to care some dumb lumbering giant who just happens to sleep right by her?

I guess none of it really matters anyway. All I know is that I’m going to miss the scratching and rustling of leaves that I’ve become so used to in my boring day to day life. RIP little buddy, even if I’m the only one who ever cared. 

One thought on “The Window Squirrel

  1. I was affection starved as a kid, and that led me to decide to pet a squirrel. Finally I got close enough to one to touch – maybe it was distracted, or rabid, because I managed to sneak up on it. Victory was within my grasp, but then its rancid taint hit me like a truck. Eight-year-old me backed away slowly and never tried to pet a squirrel again.

    Sorry to hear about the passing of your squirrel friend though.



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