On Laziness

I’m a hard worker in spurts. That is to say that when I get down to a task I tend to become obsessed and it consumes my entire life. I’ll spend hours tweaking a single setting on a track I’m writing no matter how inconsequential it may seem all the while I still have to write the lead. I’ll stay up until five in the morning on a work day just trying to find the perfect snare hit. Once I get down to work there’s no stopping. I forget to eat and usually will lose the urge to smoke(although when I get the craving it’s a real annoyance to have to stop what I’m doing and go outside). If I were able to smoke inside I’d probably be able to get more done but that’s an entirely different issue.

My main problem is that I will usually do everything in my power to avoid doing anything constructive. Procrastination has been a part of my personality since I first started trying to walk. I knew that eventually I’d have to learn how to do it but figured I had a little more time before people started questioning my physical health. Besides, getting carried around everywhere is way cooler than stumbling about the house in a soiled diaper.

I’ve always been a smart one.

To demonstrate my laziness I feel that it’s necessary to point out that the first part of this post was written yesterday. That’s right folks, I couldn’t even finish a simple, trivial post about procrastination in one day. Well I never really liked this post anyway. Fuck it.