I’m not listening either

I’m trying to think about the last time I actually listened to music. I tend to hear it everywhere and get at least 3 hours a day worth of “iPod Time” but for the life of me I don’t remember listening to any of it. Sure I’ve heard a few songs but it’s mostly just background noise to me.

An informal poll of the voices in the head tells me that most people treat music in the same way. The whole act of actually listening to music is usually accompanied by something else. I guess the logic is that hearing something doesn’t take your full attention and while listening to something you can do other things as well like talk, read or post dumb things on the internet about your listening habits.

Maybe I just don’t care anymore but I do recall a point in my life where all I did in my spare time was listen. I really paid attention to music; I would hear every nuance in a track and get upset if someone distracted me. I would’ve found it impossible to do anything else while listening. It would drive me mad if someone was in the room since I saw it as such a personal experience and having someone else around made me feel obligated to react or talk to them or something else uncomfortable.

But now I’m too busy. I can find time to write stupid shit like this but not to actually sit down and listen to a full Zappa album without having something else going on as well. My attention span has gone into negative values because of the internet and I’m really sick of it. In fact I promise that today I will not click on anything at all. I’m going to sit at my desk and stare at my computer screen(just so I look kinda busy) and listen to an entire album from start to finish. Even if there’s a fire I won’t give up and I will allow nothing more to distract me. I just wish I had some better headphones here since I’m to cheap to buy another pair.

Actually there’s no real point in listening to music on shitty headphones since the whole time I’ll be distracted at how crummy the experience is. So I’m going to ignore my previous promise since it didn’t make any sense in the first place and like most things I wasn’t going to follow through on it anyway. Best to just stay angry and watch videos of cats on fire.

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