Fuck Facebook

I’ve been holding off for what seems like years now.

Every day I’m reminded.
Every day I resist.

At this point I don’t even know why I ever cared so much in the first place.

But now the pressure has got the best of me and I have to throw in the towel.

I am joining Facebook.

Of course for most people this would be no big deal at all. The rest of the world has been on there for what seems like forever. It’s just a stupid website that takes about 7 seconds to sign up for. It provides a great place for people to find out what all of their friends, family and acquaintances are up to and it’s totally free. Sounds like a no-brainer really.

But in my own trademark fashion I’ve refused to have any part of it. When facebook first became popular with my small social circle I thought it was the dumbest fad ever. At that point I already had about 3 myspace pages and was baffled that people would want to be part of a closed system like facebook. I also did not see any reason to connect with people that I haven’t seen in ten years since there’s usually a reason why I don’t talk to them in the first place. Nostalgia has never really turned me on either.

At least myspace had a point to it. I was looking to promote my music and it seemed that all the kids were on it so it would be a great platform. Of course I’m notorious for starting things and then losing interest a few weeks later so I never really paid much attention to my myspace but that’s not important right now. In the eyes of the world facebook took off and myspace ended up being a place for child predators and geocities-esque web design. Plus nobody there paid attention to me anyway so they can go fuck themselves.

I sure know how to pick a winner.

I even went as far as making it a point that I would NEVER join facebook. I told all who would listen that there was no way I’m signing up and that you would have better luck convincing me to go to a Good Charlotte concert. I was just waiting for the next thing to come out that everyone would jump on. After all, nobody uses friendster, linkedin or myspace anymore. Once the kids found something new they’d rush right to it and leave facebook in the forgotten realm of internet fads along with lolcats and polite conversation. But that hasn’t happened yet.

The moment for me when I realised that all of this facebook hate was getting me nowhere was when I noticed that no one ever invited me to anything. It could just be because I’m a prick and nobody likes me but I’d rather not think like that otherwise I might have to take responsibility for myself and improve the way I treat people. The better answer of course was that nobody even thought of me because I wasn’t on that stupid fucking site. There are multiple ways to get a hold of me normally but everyone just seemed to get lazy with this social networking. I have multiple email addresses, a twitter account and a cell phone and nobody seems aware of any of them.

Rule 1049 of the Internet: If you’re not on facebook, you do not exist.

So here it is. You won. I’m signing up. Just don’t expect me to like it or participate in anything at all. Don’t poke me, don’t send me a bunch of shitty applications and don’t tag me in photos. In fact it probably would be best if you just left me alone. I like to call this “anti-social networking”. I’m working on my own site where people can do this but until that happens(never) I’m forced to abandon my principles and follow everyone else.

The irony of all this is that I know that once I join everyone else will leave since something better will have come along. I’m used to it really.

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